Bach Flower Mix for General Stress Animals

Bach Flower Mix for General Stress in Animals:

  • More energy
  • More resistant to stress
  • Better sleep
  • More cheerful and optimistic
  • To live without fear and stress
  • More calm on the ride

Ideal for animals that have the following problems:

  • Intense sadness
  • No mood
  • No energy
  • Fear, worry
  • Bad sleep
  • Anxiety, panic, worry



4 SPRAY topically or in water 4 times a day or topically.

Use for 2 months. Each bottle lasts about 1 month

How do Bach flowers work?

Bach flowers are tree and plant extracts. The treatment has been around for almost a century and was developed by the English doctor Dr. Edward Bach. Since then, the droplets have been used worldwide by humans and animals. Bach flowers have a soothing effect and are a deep, holistic treatment that aims to ‘heal’ the soul to ‘heal’ the body. We prepare the Bach flower mixtures separately and precisely adapted to the needs of each organism.

What do you get?

Custom Bach flower blend 100% natural and safe

It does not cause side effects and is not addictive

It can be combined without risk with regular medication

Gluten and allergen free

Ingredients: water, Bach flower extracts

Preparation with authentic Bach flower remedies

Fresh mix

Good to know

Herbal remedies are not medicines.

Flower remedies have not been scientifically proven.

Mixtures cannot be used as a substitute for prescription drugs and/or treatments.

Always consult your doctor first.


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