Course Language: English, Greek.

Amalia is teaching in 4 languages: Homeopathy, Bach Flower Therapy, Laser Therapy, Laser Acupuncture.

Bach Flower Therapy

(Humans and Animals)

In this study you will learn what Bach flower treatments are and how they work. You will also find an overview and brief description of the plants from which the flower remedies come. There is a description of where the plants grow and how the flowers are prepared for use in therapy.

The second part of this series of advanced flowers consists entirely of a complete description of the plants with their botanical details, their spiritual properties and the main symptoms of the energy blockages that any Flower Remedy can alleviate. In these descriptions there is information for a therapist on how to make a first diagnosis. It also describes how to use the descriptions.

The last part of the course covers how to choose the right treatment and prepare treatments for others, including the dosages and methods of administering flowers. It also shows how to apply the principles of Bach flower therapy to animals.

Part One

  • Introduction: What are Bach flowers?
  • A brief history of the life of Dr. Edward Bach
  • Dr. E Bach's vision Basic principles and theory of Bach flower therapy
  • How Bach flowers work
  • Dr. Bach Therapeutic Strategy Philosophical and Spiritual Interpretation of Dr. Bach Bach Flowers and Animals
  • The seven groups of Dr E Bach How to use the descriptions
  • Typical characteristics of negative behavior patterns

Part Two

  • The Bach Flowers A - G Name and Descriptions of Negative and Positive Situations
  • The Bach Flowers H - P Name and Descriptions of Negative and Positive Condition
  • Bach Flowers R - Z and descriptions of negative and positive states
  • Rescue solution Personal emergency combination
  • Choosing the right Bach flower treatment for animals
  • Crisis levels Rules and restrictions for self-medication
  • Preparing for the treatment of others
  • Internal preparation

Part Three

  • The initial interview and After the interview
  • Application - How to use Bach flower treatments Preparation, dosage and administration of Bach flower treatments
  • Application of Bach flower treatment in animals
  • Appendices Summary diagram of flowers
  • Differences and similarities between the diagram of two Bach flowers
  • Presentation of a status questionnaire E character questionnaire Final selection checklist
  • Evaluation sheet List of main problem areas
  • Diagram of key elements

Are there any requirements?

Students should be able to view pdf and word documents to view the course booklets. It would also be helpful to have at least 3 patients  with which  the student can cooperate.

This course will give you the right foundations to get to know the flowers and their effects on animals and humans.

Course Duration

Studies are distance learning. The student has the opportunity to study and take the final exams in his own time. The whole lesson is ONLINE.


At the end of your studies and after successfully passing the exams and submitting your final work, you will receive a Certificate of Studies .  


The cost of studies is 499 € final price with VAT 21%. The amount is paid together with the registration form, deposit accepted. Payment is made via Paypal or deposit in a Dutch bank account. 

The entire program and degree are officially recognized

from the International Association of Holistic Medicine IPHM of which I am an official member.

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