Course Language: English

Amalia is teaching in 4 languages: Homeopathy, Bach Flower Therapy, Laser Therapy, Laser Acupuncture.

Homeopathy Studies

In this distance learning course is the best option to get a degree in Homeopathy.

Whether you want to expand the boundaries of your knowledge or improve your job prospects, this Homeopathy distance learning program is an ideal choice. Convenient and flexible, it gives you the freedom to prepare for exams or pursue a career of your choice.

An added advantage is that one only requires minimal prior knowledge to take this

Homeopathy distance learning course. Learners acquire the ability to effectively communicate their knowledge, ideas and understanding by interpreting and evaluating the principles, practices and applications of Homeopathy. The program is tailored to those who are interested in this field and wish to gain more knowledge in the subject and start a practice in Homeopathy.

Homeopathy Studies

  • 1.History of Homeopathy
  • 2.Principles of Homeopathy
  • 3.Development of Homeopathy
  • 4.The Nervous System
  • 5.The Respiratory System
  • 6.The Circulatory System
  • 7.The Digestive System
  • 8.The Skeletal System
  • 9.The Reproductive Systems
  • 11.The Limbic System
  • 12.Homeopathic Remedy and First Aid
  • 13.Common Disorders and Self-Help
  • 14.Disorders in Women and Children
  • 15. Ηomeopathy for Animals

Are there any requirements?

Students should be able to view pdf and word documents to view the course booklets. It would also be helpful to have at least 3 patients with which the student can cooperate.

This course will give you the right foundations to get to know the flowers and their effects on animals and humans.

Course Duration

Studies are distance learning. The student has the opportunity to study and take the final exams in his own time. The whole lesson is ONLINE.


Diploma – Qualification At the end of your studies and after you have successfully passed the exams and submitted your final project, you will receive your degree. Your Diploma will be in English so that you can enroll in IPHM


The cost of studies is 1200 € final price with VAT 21%. The amount is paid together with the registration form, deposit accepted. Payment is made via Paypal or deposit in a Dutch bank account. 

The entire program and degree are officially recognized

from the International Association of Holistic Medicine IPHM of which I am an official member.

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