In Loving Memory of Serenata

I believe that every animal is chosen for us, comes to us, to teach us lessons – lessons that we need to learn, lessons to make us whole, lessons to help us become the people we are meant to be. Our job as pet parents and caretakers is to listen closely enough to our animals to learn what they have to teach and to bend our lives to live closer to their lessons.

In 2014 I was suffering from severe panic attacks. I had to deal with grief, I lost suddenly my uncle, father, best friend, mentor…I had a 4 years old daughter and a lot to take care of. I saw Serenata on a Facebook post asking for a second chance in life. Serenata was a perfectly healthy puppy, her pet owner (was not a pet parent) threw her from a bridge and Serenata was hit by a car. The car driver took her to a Vet but he couldn’t take care of her. The Vet performed a surgery and saved her life but unfortunately Serenata was in a shelter with many animals and couldn’t be taken care of as she should. Her muscles lost their power and Serenata remained handicap. If she wouldn’t find a home fast she would be leaded to death. When I saw Serenata I said this is my dog! I want her in the Netherlands! From there started all. Some amazing women in Greece helped me adopt Serenata in the Netherlands, Kiki, Gennie, Argyrw, Rea. Serenata came to the Netherlands in 2014 and became member of our family.

I discovered Alternative therapies for Animals and Laser therapy when I was trying to find something to help Sery…and then it changed my world! I got so amazed that I started studying it….Serenata helped me overcome my panic attacks, helped me study, helped me raise my daughter, helped me to be happy, Serenata contributed to be who I am today! I work with thousands of animals and that’s because of Serenata.
Serenata saved many, Serenata was an inspiration to my life and made who I am.

She passed away peacefully 17th of June 2022 in Rotterdam where we had the most amazing years of our life together. I miss her every day. I cry when I talk about her. But her story needs to be heard.

Serenata was the most amazing soul I have ever met. I see her in every animal I work with, I feel her always with me.
For me working with animals is special and a blessing.
My action and work is dedicated to her…

Thank you Serenata…..
With Love your mum Amalia