Bach Flower Mix for Epilepsy

Ideal for animals that have the following problems:

  • Regularly recurring seizures
  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke
  • Sensitive to stress
  • Scary after the crises
  • The animal suffers more from its condition in special conditions such as high summer temperatures or with the stress of fireworks or other stresses.


Bach Flower Mix for Epilepsy



Bach Flower Mix against epilepsy.

If you have ever experienced a seizure or illness in your animal, you know the impact it can have. Epilepsy, stroke, surgery, anesthesia or abdominal pain in dogs can cause significant emotional exhaustion. Bach flowers are a welcome helping hand to soothe pain or cramps. Restorative and soothing blend.


4 SPRAY 4 times a day in water or topically

Use for at least 2 months. Each bottle lasts about 1 month

How will it help their organization?

  • They reduce stress
  • They offer Peace and tranquility
  • It processes and mitigates the bad event
  • The animal is less stressed
  • Stimulates the body
  • The animal feels happier and calmer


How do Bach flowers work?

Bach flowers are tree and plant extracts. The treatment has been around for almost a century and was developed by the English doctor Dr. Edward Bach. Since then, the droplets have been used worldwide by humans and animals. Bach flowers have a soothing effect and are a deep, holistic treatment that aims to ‘heal’ the soul to ‘heal’ the body. We prepare the Bach flower mixtures separately and precisely adapted to the needs of each organism.

What do you get?

Custom Bach flower blend 100% natural and safe

It does not cause side effects and is not addictive

It can be combined without risk with regular medication

Gluten and allergen free

Ingredients: water, Bach flower extracts

Preparation with authentic Bach flower remedies

Fresh mix

Good to know

Herbal remedies are not medicines.

Flower remedies have not been scientifically proven.

Mixtures cannot be used as a substitute for prescription drugs and/or treatments.

Always consult your veterinarian


If you are interested in a session, you can see on the site in the sessions, more information about the way we work together.

Meer info over Bach bloesems

Wat zijn Bachbloesems?
  • Vloeibare plantenextracten
  • Ontdekt door homeopaat Dr. Edward Bach
  • Buigt negatieve emoties om in hun positieve pool
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Veilig om te gebruiken, zonder bijwerkingen
  • Ook voor kinderen en zwangere vrouwen
  • ‘’Cures the soul to be cured the body’’
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  • Mijn formule is niet verkrijgbaar in de winkel of apotheek
  • Inhoud van 50ml
  • 100% fresh mixes
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