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Bach Flower Mix Rhinitis

(8 customer reviews)

Bach Flower Mixture helps:

  • Adults or children with rhinitis
  • If there is pain in the face, eyes or head
  • In stuffy or runny nose
  • Have a better psychology and mood
  • It reduces feelings of fatigue
  • It reduces stress
  • To have less fatigue
  • In good sleep
  • If you have sinusitis


Bach Flower Mix Rhinitis



How many bottles do you need?

1 bottle will last you about 1 month. The first results will start to appear after a few days or weeks In my experience, to get lasting results, a period of three months is recommended


The dose is 6 x 4 drops per day, placed directly on the tongue or dissolved in water

About this mix

Handmade according to Dr. Bach’s instructions

Ready to use

Unique combination of Bach flowers

Gluten and allergen free

Ingredients: Water, original Bach flower extracts

Good to know

Herbal remedies are not medicines.

Flower remedies have not been scientifically proven.

Mixtures cannot be used as a substitute for prescription drugs and/or treatments.

Always consult your doctor first.


If you are interested in a session with me, you can see on the website in sessions, more information about how we work together.

8 reviews for Bach Flower Mix Rhinitis

  1. Liss

    This product works!!!! Natural ingredients so It don’t have to worry while using it!

  2. Lila

    My rhinitis does not exist anymore!!!!! I love using it! Now I love Bach Remedies!!! Thank you Amalia

  3. Lila

    Works amazing! I am very happy that I take something so natural. I have chronic Rhinitis and with this Bach Flower Mix I feel a lot better and I breathe better .

  4. Lila

    Excellent product! I take it me and my son and helped as a lot so far!

  5. Liss

    I give it to my 5 years old son that has rhinitis for months. It helped him a lot. He is calmer, he sleeps better, he doesn’t complain and I think that he breathes better. I like that it is without alcohol.

  6. Liss

    My symptoms are reduced. I feel that helps me a lot.

  7. Liss

    After a cold my nose was always full. I have tried everything but nothing really worked. With this Bach Flower Mix I am now very well. My rhinitis is getting better every day, I sleep better, I breath better, I do not feel full in the face. Highly recommended

  8. Liss

    Amazing product. I saw difference after 4.5 months of use.

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We make Bach Flower Mixes according to the original method of Dr. Bach. We use original Bach flower remedies for this. Based on the questionnaire you have completed, we will prepare a tailor-made Mix for you ONLY WITH WATER

A flower essence does not contain any active substance (for example tannins or bitter substances). It does not contain any gross part (such as a leaf, stem or root) of a plant. That is why there are no side effects, you cannot get sick from it. Bach flowers are 100% natural, hormone-free and safe to use. The Bach sprays are available without a prescription. If it were dangerous, you should not sell it over the internet.

You do not have to follow a course of treatment of, for example, 3 months. First order 1 bottle of Bach Flower Mix. Does the dosage work? Do you feel good about it and have your ailments diminished? Then you can stop!

The taste is neutral, rather watery. Our mixes do not contain alcohol.

1 bottle of Bach flower mix has a content of 50 ml. With proper daily use, 1 bottle will last you about 4 weeks.

Bach flower remedies have not been scientifically proven. The effect varies per person. With good daily use, you will usually notice the first subtle changes after about 10 days. These changes continue unabated.

Bach Mix has a shelf life of 4 months after purchase. Store your bottle in a dark and cool place, away from sunlight. NEVER In the refrigerator!

Yes! Naturally! Flower remedies are suitable as supportive therapy. Never stop taking your medication to take Bach Flower Remedies.

Meer info over Bach bloesems

Wat zijn Bachbloesems?
  • Vloeibare plantenextracten
  • Ontdekt door homeopaat Dr. Edward Bach
  • Buigt negatieve emoties om in hun positieve pool
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Veilig om te gebruiken, zonder bijwerkingen
  • Ook voor kinderen en zwangere vrouwen
  • ‘’Cures the soul to be cured the body’’
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  • Onze persoonlijke samenstelling voor jouw klacht geeft een optimaal resultaat
  • Mijn formule is niet verkrijgbaar in de winkel of apotheek
  • Inhoud van 50ml
  • 100% fresh mixes
Waarom kiezen voor Amalia Pavlidi?
  • 5 jaar ervaring
  • +10.000 tevreden klanten
  • Erkend Homeopaat en Bachbloesem therapeut
  • Gratis persoonlijk advies
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werking varieert van persoon tot persoon en is niet gebaseerd op wetenschappelijke resultaten.