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Customised Bach




  • Deze mixen worden bereid met de originele Bio Bachbloesems in Water.
  • Onze mixen bevatten geen bewaarmiddelen of conserveringsmiddelen omdat Bachbloesems een natuurproduct zijn, en het regelrecht zou indruisen tegen de principes van Dr. Bach. Let wel: net zoals ALLE bachbloesem mixen varieert de werking van persoon tot persoon.
  • Door het gebrek aan bewaarmiddelen en andere conserveringsmiddelen zijn mixen op basis van water na opening 3 maand houdbaar. Ze hebben geen smaak en zijn 100% alcoholvrij.
  • Al onze bereidingen worden steeds vers gemaakt op het moment dat u de bestelling door geeft. Hierdoor geniet u steeds van de beste kwaliteit en een optimale werking.
  • Deze mixen zijn zowel geschikt voor kinderen als voor volwassenen. De dosis is steeds 4 tot 6 x daags een 4-tal bachbloesem druppels rechtstreeks op de tong. Je kan ze ook in water doen.
  • Met 1 flesje van 50 ml kom je 1 maand toe.

17 reviews for Customised Bach

  1. Lila

    Amalia created a personalized Bach Mix that helped me a lot in my daily life. The packaging was very beautiful, always taking care of the details! Beautiful experience.

  2. Lisa

    After a session with Amalia I ordered my Bach Flower Mix. I loved the packaging and the product was excellent! I buy monthly and I am satisfied.

  3. Lila

    Amalia always offers top quality. I buy my personalized mix from her and I enjoy using it every time.

  4. Liss

    Ι love my personalized Bach Mix from Amalia. It is always fresh, it helps me a lot daily and is water based which I love it. Thank you 💕

  5. Liss

    I always buy our Bach Personalised Mixes from Amalia, she puts so much love and passion in whatever she does! They always arrive on time, beautiful packaging and her personal touch.

  6. Liss

    Amalia is the best!!! The mix is fresh and excellent like always! I love the fact that is water based.

  7. Sissy

    I think Amalia is the Queen of Bach Flowers!!! I buy from her my personalized mix almost a year. Always amazing results, great service and communication. I am more than happy with my mixes.

  8. Liss

    Amalia knows how to make people smile! She always creates our mixes, for us and our dogs, we love the way she works and she delivers. Fast service and too quality.

  9. Lila

    My Bach Flower Mix arrives always in time! Excellent service and communication. I am always satisfied with my order.

  10. Liss

    We buy personalized Bach Mixes from Amalia almost a year. We are very happy with our mixes, quality, shipping, information that we receive. We definitely recommend them.

  11. Liss

    Excellent service product and communication. Always delivers the best quality Bach Flower Mixes. Thank you 💝

  12. Maria

    I always buy my personalized therapy from Amalia. She works with an eye in detail, she offers high quality work. My mixes are fresh, with amazing packaging and always on time. Thank you Amalia

  13. Maria

    I always receive my products very timely. Excellent service. My sprays are always fresh and nicely done. They help me a lot.

  14. Lila

    I buy my personalized mix always from Amalia. Excellent work and product. My mix helps me a lot.

  15. Lisa

    I receive my order on time and always high quality products. I love my Bach mixes from Amalia, I know she makes them with love and care. They come always fresh.

  16. Liss

    Always top quality products!
    Thank you Amalia

  17. Liss

    Amazing as always!

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We make Bach Flower Mixes according to the original method of Dr. Bach. We use original Bach flower remedies for this. Based on the questionnaire you have completed, we will prepare a tailor-made Mix for you ONLY WITH WATER

A flower essence does not contain any active substance (for example tannins or bitter substances). It does not contain any gross part (such as a leaf, stem or root) of a plant. That is why there are no side effects, you cannot get sick from it. Bach flowers are 100% natural, hormone-free and safe to use. The Bach sprays are available without a prescription. If it were dangerous, you should not sell it over the internet.

You do not have to follow a course of treatment of, for example, 3 months. First order 1 bottle of Bach Flower Mix. Does the dosage work? Do you feel good about it and have your ailments diminished? Then you can stop!

The taste is neutral, rather watery. Our mixes do not contain alcohol.

1 bottle of Bach flower mix has a content of 50 ml. With proper daily use, 1 bottle will last you about 4 weeks.

Bach flower remedies have not been scientifically proven. The effect varies per person. With good daily use, you will usually notice the first subtle changes after about 10 days. These changes continue unabated.

Bach Mix has a shelf life of 4 months after purchase. Store your bottle in a dark and cool place, away from sunlight. NEVER In the refrigerator!

Yes! Naturally! Flower remedies are suitable as supportive therapy. Never stop taking your medication to take Bach Flower Remedies.

Meer info over Bach bloesems

Wat zijn Bachbloesems?
  • Vloeibare plantenextracten
  • Ontdekt door homeopaat Dr. Edward Bach
  • Buigt negatieve emoties om in hun positieve pool
  • 100% natuurlijk
  • Veilig om te gebruiken, zonder bijwerkingen
  • Ook voor kinderen en zwangere vrouwen
  • ‘’Cures the soul to be cured the body’’
Waarom kiezen voor Alternative Therapies
  • Wij geven je graag persoonlijk en gratis advies als je zelf niet op zoek wil gaan naar jouw samenstelling
  • Onze persoonlijke samenstelling voor jouw klacht geeft een optimaal resultaat
  • Mijn formule is niet verkrijgbaar in de winkel of apotheek
  • Inhoud van 50ml
  • 100% fresh mixes
Waarom kiezen voor Amalia Pavlidi?
  • 5 jaar ervaring
  • +10.000 tevreden klanten
  • Erkend Homeopaat en Bachbloesem therapeut
  • Gratis persoonlijk advies
  • Jouw vragen worden binnen de 24u beantwoord
  • Alles wordt op een vertrouwelijke manier behandeld
werking varieert van persoon tot persoon en is niet gebaseerd op wetenschappelijke resultaten.